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You could want more from a situation that seems to be bothering you. Understand what might need to happen in order to make it so. Are you ready for the additional responsibility? Only you can answer that question. Tonight: Up to the wee hours. Reach out for a loved one at a distance who means the world to you. Your ability to read between the lines proves to be helpful. You might hear news or gain information that could be more significant than you're aware of.

Tonight: As you like it. Someone drops a nugget of information or gossip that forces you to stop in your tracks. How you work with a situation could change. Verify that you're hearing facts and not hearsay. Tonight: Fun with a favourite person. Defer to another party. How you handle a personal issue could be a lot different from how this person will.

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You might like to study this person's style. Tonight: As you like.

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Tension builds. You sense an impending event or happening. Worry less; clear out as much work as possible. You'll want to free up as much time as you possibly can in the next few days. Tonight: Burning the midnight oil. You seem to be the master of ideas and creative solutions. Others appreciate any feedback that you can give them. Try to unearth the fundamental issue that this person must deal with.

Happiness surrounds those who are more open and authentic. Tonight: Love the one you're with. Your popularity soars, and you might have more choices than you'd like to have. Maintain a sense of humour when trying to make plans with someone at a distance or when listening to a friend's change of mind. Feelings come out between you and a loved one. Tonight: Out late. Tackle what you must immediately in the morning. Distractions seem to appear from out of nowhere in the evening. If you have been efficient and organized, you can be a little indulgent with your schedule. You might meet someone of interest.

Tonight: Accept an invitation to go out. Take off to spend time with a loved one. This person will appreciate you and your efforts.

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You will be in a more chipper mood when you get to work. You could be surprised by a partner's reaction in the afternoon. Immerse yourself in your work. Tonight: Don't push. Getting going could be quite challenging. Instead of fighting city hall, why not enjoy a leisurely morning? The afternoon demands your creativity. Are you aware that you have an admirer?

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If you look around, you might realize who this person is. Tonight: Paint the town red. Make calls in the morning. You will receive a positive response. Now might be the time to bring up a difficult topic.


Others cannot do what you can with this person. You have a unique bond and understanding with this individual. Be willing to treat him or her to munchies and some fun. Tonight: The party goes on. A child or loved one shares some startling news. You might want to present options, as others appreciate your ability to absorb facts and create a more positive outcome than originally thought possible.

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Tonight: Get into the moment. You might feel as if you are preventing a loved one or housemate from doing something. Give this person the space to be spontaneous, and your mood will change. Invite others over for a party with a special theme. Tonight: Laughter ensues. Make calls; catch up on others' news.

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You might need to shake off your low energy. A friend who laughs a lot could prove instrumental in helping you get going. Share more, and you will become more upbeat. Tonight: Visit a favourite spot. Be aware of the costs of proceeding as you would like. Saying "no" to an expenditure might be appropriate. You could find another way to achieve similar results. You can have both: a strong budget and the item in question. Tonight: Let someone else treat. Jordan , astronaut Peggy Wilson , actress Mia Farrow Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

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