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Framed vinyl records. Choose any song for framing. Birthday Number One song.

Our Top Ten framed First Dance songs. Your favourite vinyl album. Sheet music.

Framed sheet music. Framed sheet music with vinyl single. Framed sheet music with vinyl album.

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Framed sheet music and your wedding photo. See list of Number One songs for any year. Framed Birthday Number One Records from Relive the fun with a video album recapping the party or share your with loved ones who live too far away to attend.

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Take a look at our list of 20 silly and sweet birthday quotes for inspiration. Gift for child: Start a new birthday tradition—give your little one a video slideshow showing how he or she has grown.

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Interview video: Do you want to create a video to show at a birthday party? Try interviewing friends and family of the person celebrating a birthday. Then put the footage together in a video you can watch on a TV or project onto a screen. Though the video below is designed to celebrate a new calendar year, it could easily be re-worked to fit a new year in your life or the life of someone you love.

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Life story: Create a mini-biography that includes photos of the major events and important highlights your birthday recipient will want to remember. Belated birthday: Miss out on an important birthday?

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  8. A video can double as a birthday greeting and an apology. The extra effort will make your belated birthday wishes stand out even more. Instead, create a short video that acknowledges all the birthday love and maybe even shows how you spent your b-day. Gift video: Make your birthday gift a little more special with a video featuring your gift.